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How Do You Take Care Of Microfiber Furniture And Upholstery

Microfiber, also called "microfibre" or "microsuede" is essentially very thin fibers strands woven tightly together to create a very soft and durable feel to the fabric. This type of fabric can even resemble leather or suede. Typically this fabric can repel water and is a great fabric for upholstered furniture.

Microfiber furniture needs special care and maintenance to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Follow these simple and helpful tips to ensure your microfiber furniture stays beautiful.

Cleaning Tips

Most microfiber furniture dealers will ask if you want a fabric protection like Scotchguard put on your furniture before it even leaves the store. Fabric protection is an added protection to your microfiber furniture. It doesn't prevent stains or treat them, but it helps to make a barrier around spills for easy clean up. This protective barrier helps the stain from reaching the fibers and becoming a more serious probably. Instead liquids bead on the top of the surface for easy clean up.

I recommend you get professional Scotchguard done on your new furniture. You can do it yourself, however store bought fabric protection such as Scotchguard is less concentrated then professional fabric protections and won't be as strong.

When cleaning up your spills always dab it until it is just damp.

Never rub it in. Rubbing in liquid can push the stain into the fibers and create a more serious stain that may be hard to treat if you can treat it at all.

Vacuum your furniture often to keep it free of debris.

You should use a vacuum to clear debris from your fabric upholstered furniture at least as often as you vacuum your carpet.

Treat spills as soon as they occur.

The longer you wait to clean a spill, the more likely it is to stain the fabric.

Brush your microfiber furniture.

Occasionally, you should brush the microfiber with a fine tooth comb or a soft nail brush to revive the fabric.

Avoid heavy sweaters

If someone is sweating heavily, ask them not to sit on microfiber furniture because sweat can leave salt stains. Salt stains are hard to treat.

Check your fabric label for cleaning instructions.

If you see a "W" on the label, it means water-based cleaning agent. An "S" means solvent-based cleaning agent. If you see "S or W," either one is okay.

Reapply fabric protection.

You should reapply Scotchguard or another fabric protection agent after you do any deep cleaning of the fabric.

Get a professional involved.

If you are unsure of how to clean or treat stains, get a professional upholstery cleaner to do it for you. You don't want to risk ruining your furniture.

Fire warning.

Keep flammables away from your furniture. Always, read the UFAC label regarding the flammability of the fabric.

Cleaning and maintaining your microfiber furniture will add years to it's life. It may seem complicated, but following the above steps will ensure that the fabric on your upholstery will look great and feel new for years to come.

Proper maintenance is key when buying new furniture. If you are concerned about the material of the furniture you wish to buy, don't hesitate to ask your furniture dealer. They will answer any questions you have on furniture maintenance and how to care for upholstered furniture, especially microfiber furniture.

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