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A Furniture Store That Makes You Feel At Home

A Furniture Store That Makes You Feel At Home

by Martin Thompson Although having a big selection, DAZ Furniture in Libertyville, Illinois is not some big exclusive Design Center where you need to get past a guard or pay admission to get in to see some furniture that has sparked the interest of the designer in you. That's the advantage of living in the Midwest and shopping at a home furnishing and furniture store that can make you feel at home without sacrificing a big selection, variety, value, and enough to discover to help your design project. You can search at home for a furniture store these days and finding one while you are at home is of course possible these days. This experience can be as important as the store experience. But the feel and touch of a furniture store can not be experienced while you are at home. When you do get out to a store, does it at least provide space to mimic the walk-around space you have at home? If the store is crowded and is far removed from a home atmosphere, it will be hard to get a sense as if you were at home. Therefore, a furniture store, while not having the finished, almost museum-like atmosphere of a Design Center, and not approximating the feel at home precisely, is a mid-point for viewing, sitting, seeing color in a lighted setting, and not relying totally on a muted online color representation, can be the next best thing to being at home. There is no place like home, or being at home. Certainly, a lesson even for retailers. Your furniture at home certainly is set-up not to be tripping over all the time. Stores can do a lot to match that atmosphere, even to a minimal extent, by giving space to walk around a piece, allowing the customer to inspect, to see the piece from different angles, to create an at home feeling, instead of a feeling from being stunned at the gold-ropes that cordon- off a Design Center piece that may be fetching a price more than you bargained for. It seems in these atmospheres you are paying for the cozy, constructed feel of a model home. DAZ Furniture, a furniture store in Chicago, is aware of this element, that of making the customer feel at home. And it is not only the external at home feel that DAZ Furniture strives for, but it strives for the internal at home feel, meaning being comfortable not only in the recliner, but being comfortable with the furniture and the people you encounter at DAZ furniture. After all, who wants to shop in a museum, unless one can really feel at home there.